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Corporate website is to provide information to users and Internet users (including products and services) in a way to conduct e-commerce based enterprise infrastructure and information platform for Chu, left site (or just use third-party sites) is not possible to talk about e-commerce . Company's website is called "network trade mark" is also an integral part of corporate intangible assets, while the site is on the INTERNET publicity and corporate image and culture to reflect an important window, so the professional web design, suitable for all levels of corporate and personal use . To make your company more responsive to development of the times, publicity effect more significant. Web site is designed to demonstrate corporate image, introducing products and services, reflecting an important way for enterprise development strategy, so we designed the site must be clear objectives and user requirements in order to make a practical design projects. We will follow, according to consumer demand, market conditions, such as the enterprise's own comprehensive analysis of the situation in order to "consumer (customer)" as the center, rather than "art" as the center for design projects.

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