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Paper printing knowledge and concepts:
Created from a paper mill, there are two forms: 1. Web, 2. Flat Paper
1. Web: web is the drum-shaped, large size, weight per volume of tons, they are used on the rotary press, web width of multiple specifications, the length limitation, Most newspapers print is to use web, fast and efficient.
2. Flat Paper: Paper is used in flat plate presses on, it is of the leaflet, flat paper specifications there are several, divided into“Positive degree”And“Tatu”, Is the paper size is the degree of787*1092mm,Generous paper size is 889 * 1194mm.
Now finally turn to“Format”The.Not cut from the paper mill supply is called flat paper”The whole piece of paper”Or“The original sheet of paper”Or“Full-paper”,When you put the whole piece of paper called a few decile cut into several open。
“Sheets”The calculation is a very important concept and units in lithography, the use of a number of book“Zhang”Paper Yeah, I do these books, how many reams of paper to buy it back printing, and print runs have a relationship, do not know how to print runs, there is no way to calculate costs.“Sheets”Is“Number of sheets of printed paper”Or“Number of printing paper”,Actually refers to“Print paper consumption”.That“Number of sheets”Ri“Zhang”Is even as the size of the unit it, printing a book to a few“Zhang”How much paper?“Printing number of sheets”Based on the size of a unit off, so: 1 is a print runs off, it  full-paper = 2 off, so fully open was 2 copies, and 4 is open for half off, so 4 to open 0.5 copies, and 8 to open a off1/4,s 0.25 copies, and 16 open is 0.125 copies, and 32 open is 0.0625 copies, and inferior race analogy, you can be simplified as: sheets = Page / Folio.
“Order”Is the number of units, it is“Whole sheet of paper 500”, Means 500 is a full sheet of paper so that a so = off 1000 = 4 = 8 open 2000 Open 4000 Open 8000 = 16.
“Proportion”Here is“Weight”,Is the weight of 1 square meter of paper. We often hear the customer say“I want 60 grams of writing paper”、“I want to 80g Offset”、“I want 200 grams of coated paper”、“I want 250 grams of duplex board”Grams, etc. and variety of different paper. Paper is divided into many grams the number of varieties, with different varieties of paper grams, they are not the same as the thickness of the printing performance is also different, not to mention the different varieties. Variety of paper varieties are numerous, but also a few common, we practice in the future to know more about on it.

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